Legal and General Adds to the 40 Year Term Life Insurance Lineup

legal and general adds to life insurance

At a time when many insurance companies are rethinking their New York products, Legal and General is breaking into the 40-Year Term Life Insurance product. A relatively new type of policy, having life insurance for 40 years can be a game changer for many professionals. Those in the veterinary and orthodontist professions would benefit from…

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The Benefits of 40-Year Term Life Insurance for Professionals

In the Term Life Insurance game, there is a new player on the field: 40-Year Term Life Insurance. While two companies have led the way in offering this insurance, Banner Life and Protective Life, other carriers may soon be adding this type of insurance as well. 40-Year Term Life Insurance has some distinct benefits that…

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10 Myths About Life Insurance People Should Stop Believing

Lady Searching for Info on Life Insurance

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What’s A COMDEX Score And Why Do Financials Matter?

When you are choosing insurance for your business needs, it’s important to be able to trust the carrier. Whether you are a veterinarian or an orthodontist, taking a look at the COMDEX Score of a company is usually a good indicator of whether you can trust them.  In this article you can learn all about…

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