Your dreams are certain . . . but you’re creating them in one of the most uncertain times in history.You need a guide.

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The New Dentist’s Playbook

The Path to a Purpose-Filled Career, Without Burnout

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The New Dentist's Playbook
Jennifer Loyall

Meet the Author

Jennifer Loyall

CEO of Loyall Group

Jennifer is the strategist and innovative voice of Loyall Group. Never satisfied with the status quo, she is redefining the insurance landscape.

The Five Catastrophes That Can Cost You Everything and How to Protect Yourself Against Them

The wrong insurance opens the door for a financial catastrophe. There are five common catastrophes that ruin dentists’ careers, and we want you to avoid them all.

An entire chapter of The New Dentist’s Playbook is dedicated to teaching dentists how to protect against financial devastation. In this information age, you’d think insurance mistakes would not happen. Quite the contrary: the industry is inundated with bad advice and bad advisors, and even the best dentists unknowingly take on risk with common insurance mistakes. We don’t want you to be one of them.

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