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“So many insurance firms came to speak to us in our residency program. It was hard to determine which was the right policy for me and who’s advice to follow. Jennifer Loyall and the team at Loyall Group made understanding my options for insurance easy. They explained in detail my coverages and answered all my questions. Because Loyall Group is independent and represents all the top carriers in the industry, I knew I was getting objective advice on the best coverages to protect me and my family.”

– Justin S. (Orthodontist) – TX

“I bought my dream veterinarian practice this year. Before I was able to close on my loan, I was given a long list of insurances that I had to get taken care of. I was not familiar with any of them and felt overwhelmed. The team at Loyall Group put my mind at ease and made understanding all the insurances easy. They guided me every step of the way, so I could close on my practice loan on time. And while I was in this process, I realized my personal coverages needed attention too. The team at Loyall Group fixed these coverages as well. Now, I sleep better at night knowing that my family and practice are both protected with the right policies.”

– Daniel L. (Veterinarian) – FL

“I met Jennifer Loyall in the nick of time. I had group disability insurance coverage with an association and my premium went up dramatically. Jennifer was able to greatly improve my coverage and lower the cost I was paying for it. Now, I have peace of mind that I have stronger disability insurance coverage at a premium that is reasonable and that I can afford. Let their team review your disability insurance coverage, especially if you are with an association.”

– Richard H. (Nurse Anesthetists) – AZ