About Us

We are a growing team, licensed in all fifty states and headquartered in Plano, Texas. As you set foot inside our state-of-the-art office, with its modern-industrial design and oak-planked floors, you will see a large, black-and-white photo of the Wright Brothers. It’s our team’s daily reminder of the work ethic we emulate, and it models for us the power of small steps toward a big goal. Orville and Wilber Wright built bikes every day but dreamed of flying airplanes. By observing the movement of birds in an airstream, they came up with designs for airplane wings. After that initial discovery, it was years of small steps, steadfastness, and undaunted enthusiasm that led to their big breakthroughs. (You can learn more about this and other leadership stories in Jennifer Loyall’s book, The New Dentist’s Playbook.)

At Loyall Group, we do the steadfast, daily work of providing excellent-fit individual insurance contracts to the brightest veterinarians, dentists, emergency-room physicians, and others in healthcare. We are also a trusted referral source for fee-based financial planners. But, like the Wright Brothers, we dream big. We dream of revolutionizing the insurance experience—through harnessing technology and providing white-glove, transparent customer service—until our approach permeates the entire industry.

As you exit our headquarters, you will be greeted with a green metal sign, quoting T.S. Eliot: “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

That’s our goal at Loyall Group. Let it be the same for you and your practice.


Jennifer Loyall
Jennifer Loyall
CEO “The Visionary”

Never satisfied with the status quo, Jennifer is redefining the insurance landscape. Instead of a confusing list of products and parameters that never quite fit right, she brings clarity and personalized security. With her keen business sense and a heart for compassionate customer care, Jennifer offers more than insurance consulting: clients of Loyall Group learn how to build and insulate their practice, how to align their goals so as to always “walk their True North,” and how to find their tribe—their “four pillar advisors” who help pave the path to success.

Jennifer sees how healthcare has changed in recent decades and is passionate about protecting this next generation of professionals from burnout. She provides tools for veterinarians, dentists, and doctors to thrive in their careers and be a leader in these times.


Over the last fifteen years, I’ve spoken to thousands of people in healthcare like you: dentists, veterinarians, and emergency-room physicians—from students, to residents, to early practice. I am keenly aware that you are entering your practice in one of the most uncertain, shifting times in history. And I am concerned about the insurance industry’s seemingly endless and conflicting information that comes at you. To help you navigate this, I’ve written books to support your work and keep you on the right path: The New Dentist’s Playbook and, soon to be released, The New Veterinarian Playbook, with more books to come. These books are the resource I would put in your backpack if I spoke at your school, or would gift you as you opened your first practice.

Loyall Group networks with fee-based financial planners and all the top healthcare lenders across the country. They consistently refer their clients to us because we never deviate from providing sound insurance recommendations. They trust that their clients won’t be oversold on insurance they don’t need, nor left vulnerable to risk. To streamline lending, we developed a tech-driven process for our clients that effortlessly satisfies the five insurances commonly required by banks today on practice loans.

My focus is to bring support to you and your practice. When our clients partner with Loyall Group and receive proper insurance protection and solid advice, I’ve seen it free up mental processing space, making room for creativity or divergent thinking. Their practices and personal lives can flourish.

When I’m not at the office, I’m usually with my family or somewhere outdoors—either on a mountain top, riding a dog sled, or at my farm, Hemingway Hill, where I enjoy planting baby Christmas trees and flowers or researching rainwater harvesting. I start each day with a morning routine: a quiet prayer, writing, then walking at dawn through the farm’s lush pastures with a coffee in hand and my beloved dogs in tow (a beautiful German Shepherd named Ford Hemingway, and a big, sweet Newfoundland named Teddy Roosevelt. . . . As you can imagine, sometimes I’m actually the one in tow!).

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Our Core Values

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We Serve

At Loyall Group, we are never satisfied with anything short of premium service, even well after our clients’ policies are put in force. We simplify the insurance process (even adapting our methods if necessary), to provide clients with the best-in-class service they deserve, delivered through a seamless electronic experience.

We Guide

Always abiding in integrity, we believe in transparently educating our clients on what they are buying. At Loyall, we guide our clients through the choices, opportunities, and potential pitfalls on the road ahead. We are continually gathering knowledge with the purpose of passing it on.

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We Care

As an insurance broker, we are not limited to products from one insurance company; we have the freedom to offer what we know will be right for our client’s success Whether it’s disability, life, malpractice, or insuring the building, Loyall puts client’s needs first, so they are free to focus on what really matters: their life, family, and career. Not insurance.

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Focus on what matters!

From chaos to clarity on all matters related to insurance, we free you from insurance so you can focus on what matters.