About Us

We see a world where insurance can be done differently. Our advisers are leading the way in a field that is becoming more transparent by bringing technology to the forefront to provide clarity and empower our veterinarian and healthcare clients.

At Loyall, we will always declare you are capable and in control of your own outcome. Founded in 2004, we’ve gained an understanding of the challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter. When you don’t have to face insurance alone, you can focus on what matters.

Our Core Values

We Adapt

Not satisfied with anything short of premium service, we adapt our methods and approach to continually define what’s best-in-class for our industry, all while maintaining the cutting edge in our field as well as yours.

We Lead

We are transparent, always abiding in integrity. From administrative to sales, we are not held to one insurance company, free to act what we know to be right and true.

We Counsel

We align ourselves with advisors who are top of the industry, guiding our clients through the choices, opportunities, and potential pitfalls in the road ahead. We continually gather knowledge with the purpose of passing it on.

Our Leadership Team

Jennifer Loyall, Principal
Jenn Loyall

Jennifer is the strategist and innovative voice of Loyall Group. Never satisfied with the status quo, she sees a world where insurance is done differently. Where it’s simpler and understandable, propelled by technology and bolstered by industry experience. That’s Jennifer’s vision, and Loyall Group’s clients reap the benefits every day.

Jennifer has spent over fifteen years speaking to thousands of dental residents and helping veterinarians, nurse anesthesiologists, and optometrists across the country both understand and obtain the proper coverages for their professions. She provides sound, reliable guidance in areas that traditionally cause the most confusion – from student loan debt to understanding why group and association insurance doesn’t always make financial sense. Jennifer enjoys leading her clients from chaos to clarity about insurance.


Jennifer has a heart for attracting and retaining the best millennial talent, recently moving Loyall Group’s headquarters to a non-traditional, industrial-designed office with top amenities and the latest technology. Her company is a progressive leader in FinTech, developing a tech-driven process for clients to effortlessly satisfy all five insurances commonly required for a healthcare loan. She also takes particular care with mentoring the new advisors at Loyall Group.


When not spending time with her family, you’ll find Jennifer somewhere outdoors. She enjoys time on her farm, Hemingway Hill, planting crops, and tending – more like trying to find – her sheep, or quietly praying as she walks through the lush pastures with her beloved dog, Ford Hemingway. You might also find Jennifer on one of her many adventures, venturing through national parks throughout the world by foot – sometimes with an ice pick – and climbing things near and far.

Austin Dial
Head Of Operations

Austin is the Head of Operations for Loyall Group, running all day-to-day functions while also managing our staff and overseeing our intern program.


Austin’s mission is to push the boundaries of what it means to bring exceptional customer care and peace of mind to Loyall’s clients. By leveraging technology and timely communication, he creates a customer-friendly experience that treats every person as a member of the family, not just a number.


In his former life, Austin worked closely with Olympic and professional athletes across multiple arenas, backed by his extensive training in Exercise & Sport Science. It was through this experience that Austin learned of his passion for helping others and how customer care is conducted at the highest levels.


Now, you’ll likely find Austin powerlifting and playing basketball, spending time with family and friends, or attending a conference on technology, finance, or business.


From chaos to clarity on all matters related to insurance, we free you from insurance so you can focus on what matters.

Austin Dial, Head of Operations

Focus on what matters!

From chaos to clarity on all matters related to insurance, we free you from insurance so you can focus on what matters.