We free you from insurance concerns so you can focus on what matters.

Whether you’re a seasoned practice owner or a new graduate, we can find the perfect fit for your insurance.

Working with dentists like you since 2010.

If you’re feeling confused about insurance or questioning if your current coverage is as solid as you were told, you are definitely not alone. Many dentists and practice owners have been oversold or under-protected by bad advice. Loyall Group is on a mission to take every dentist from chaos to clarity on all insurance matters.

Our clients love Loyall Group’s efficiency: we use technology to make the application process faster and seamless. They also express gratitude for our personalized customer service and education, where no client gets lost in the fine print. And, of course, our clients have peace of mind knowing we got them the right-fit insurance without overpaying.

Being a dentist is hard enough—you practice in an ever-changing healthcare landscape while managing and protecting your staff and attending to your personal life. Loyall Group knows that the better we handle your insurance needs, the more free you are to focus on what matters: you, your family, and your career.

Our 3-step process prepares you for a free, 15-minute consult with an insurance expert.

We make insurance simple and easy

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Our fast and efficient online form only takes a few minutes to complete.

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We can answer your questions and, more importantly, ask you the right ones.

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Electronically sign your application. No more cumbersome application process or waiting months for approval. Convenient, efficient, painless.

One team for all your insurance needs

We represent all the top carriers in the industry so we can provide you the customer service you deserve while guiding you to the best options for you.

Applying for insurance doesn’t need to be complicated. Our 3-step process will make it a breeze.

Buying a practice and suddenly told by your bank that you need a list of insurances to close?

We can help. We will walk alongside you and show you how to satisfy your bank’s insurance requirements seamlessly, so you can close on your dream practice on time.

What dentists ask us most about their insurance

Ensuring you are fully protected depends on what stage of career development you are in. The standard insurances recommended for a practice owner are more comprehensive than those recommended for an associate dentist.

Dentist – Associate

  1. Disability Income
  2. Term Life
  3. Malpractice

Dentist – Business Owner

  1. Disability Income
  2. Term Life
  3. Malpractice
  4. Business Personal Property
  5. General Liability
  6. Worker’s Compensation
  7. Cyber Risk

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