We free you from insurance so you can focus on what matters.

An innovative insurance firm for veterinarians, and veterinary surgeons. Whether a seasoned practice owner or a new graduate, we can find the perfect fit for your insurance.

Working with veterinarians and veterinary surgeons like you since 2010.

It turns out that there are a lot of veterinarians and practice owners out there that are more than a little confused about their insurance. We are on a mission to take every veterinarian we meet from chaos to clarity on all matters of insurance. We’ll show you how to not over pay for insurance, how to avoid getting the wrong contract and teach you in way that you will not get lost in all the fine print.

Being a veterinarian is hard enough - running a practice in an ever changing business landscape, finding and taking care of staff and the needs of your family. We believe that taking the issue of insurance off the table helps free you to focus on matters, you, your family and practicing veterinary and not insurance.

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For veterinarians and veterinarian surgeons, avoid of the pitfalls and shortcomings of solely relying in group insurance your insurance needs.

Whether from association and corporate veterinarian practice, group insurance has a number of weaknesses in comparison to the strengths and flexibility that come with individually owned coverages.

One team for all your insurance needs

Representing all of the top carriers in the industry, we will guide you to the best options and provide you the customer service you deserve.

We believe process for applying for insurance should be simple. Our three-step process will make applying for insurance a breeze.

Buying a practice and suddenly told by a bank you need a list of insurances to close on your loan ?

We can help. We will walk alongside you and show you how to satisfy your bank insurance requirements seamlessly, so you can close on your dream practice on time.

What veterinarians ask us most about their insurance

To ensure you are fully protected in your occupation, it will depend on where you are at in your career as a veterinary professional. See below for a list of standard insurances that are recommended for an associate veterinarian versus a practice owner.

Veterinarian – Associate

  1. Disability Income
  2. Term Life
  3. Malpractice

Veterinarian – Business Owner

  1. Disability Income
  2. Term Life
  3. Malpractice
  4. Business Personal Property
  5. General Liability
  6. Worker’s Compensation
  7. Cyber Risk