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An innovative insurance firm for veterinarians and dentists. Whether you’re a seasoned practice owner or new graduate, we can find the perfect fit for your insurance.

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It turns out that there are a lot of veterinarians, veterinary surgeons, and dentists out there that are more than a little confused about their insurance. We are on a mission to take every veterinarian and dentist we meet from chaos to clarity on all matters of insurance. We’ll show you how to not over pay for insurance, how to avoid getting the wrong contract and teach you in a way that keeps you from not getting lost in all the fine print.

Being a veterinarian and dentist is hard enough - running a practice in an ever changing business landscape, finding and taking care of staff and the needs of your family. We believe that taking the issue of insurance off the table helps free you to focus on what matters, you, your family and your practice and not insurance.

With over 15 years of tried and true underwriting experience, representing all the top carriers, we know a thing or two about how to find the best insurance for you.

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