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We’re Devoted to Change!

At Loyall, we are committed to putting an end to human trafficking one step, one mountain at a time.

While hiking in Northern California, on one of Big Sur’s dreamy trails in the summer of 2017, I wrote in my journal that I saw two teams of hikers in groups of 15 doing something amazing for humanity. Fast forward to November, when I got in contact with Freedom Hikers, an organization connected to Rescue Freedom, that is committed to stopping human trafficking. With zero experience of ever leading a group hike, I volunteered to start a Freedom Hike in California to raise funds for this cause. The rest is history. In September 2019, we led two teams of fifteen people, from four different states, through an epic hike in Yosemite. After hiking all day, over 15 miles, we ended our fun time together with a dinner under the stars and successfully raised $25K towards the fight against human trafficking. November 2020’s hike slots were filled within thirty-six hours after being announced. We took three teams of fifteen hikers and were able to raise $55K. In July 2021, we will expand to four teams of twelve hikers, with a brand-new trail being added.

To learn more about Rescue Freedom and the amazing work they do, click here.

Let’s be the generation that ends human trafficking.

Jennifer Loyall
Founder of Loyall Group