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An insurance firm for dentists, dental specialists, and their practices.

The New Dentist's Playbook

The New Dentist’s Playbook.

The path to a purpose-filled career, without burnout.

A preview of the upcoming, full-length book for dentists and dental specialists written by Loyall Group’s founder – Jennifer Loyall.

E-book includes a detailed guide to insurance and managing your student loan debt as a dentist, while avoiding burnout.

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Confused, frustrated by insurance? You’re not alone.

Whether you are an established owner of a dental practice looking to ensure appropriate coverage, or a new graduate looking for insurance and student loan guidance, we can help you find the right solution for your needs.

No more:

  1. Choosing the wrong carrier.
  2. Paying too much.
  3. Getting lost in the fine print.

Compare different options. Understand your policies. Streamlined and transparent. Loyall has you covered. Giving you peace of mind.

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We believe that insurance can be done differently.

One team for all your insurance needs as a dentist or dental specialist.

No more cumbersome application process or waiting months to be approved. Loyall is simplifying the insurance process through technology to ensure you receive best-in-class service and the customer experience you deserve.

Seamlessly satisfying practice loan requirements.

One team for all your insurance needs as a dentist or dental specialist.

At Loyall, we will walk alongside you to make sure you seamlessly satisfy your bank insurance requirements, so you can close on your dream practice on time. What use to take weeks and months, now takes minutes and days.

Loyall Group’s 3-step process.

Insurance for dentists and dental specialists made simple and easy.

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Our industry experts walk you through our simple, seamless process. All in a short 15-minute phone call.

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No more hurdles, hassles, or delays. Electronically sign, click submit, and your application goes straight to underwriting with the ideal carrier for you.

Frequently asked questions by dentists.

Ensuring you are fully protected depends on what stage of career development you are in. The standard insurances recommended for a practice owner are more comprehensive than those recommended for an associate dentist.

Dentist – Associate

  1. Disability Income
  2. Term Life
  3. Malpractice

Dentist – Business Owner

  1. Disability Income
  2. Term Life
  3. Malpractice
  4. Business Personal Property
  5. General Liability
  6. Worker’s Compensation
  7. Cyber Risk

Working with dentists like you since 2004.

Since we began serving dentists, it has given us insight into the opportunities and concerns that matter most. As well as areas that many often neglect.

At Loyall, we specialize in insurance for dentists, dental specialists, and their practices, to provide advice that they trust.

From chaos to clarity, on all matters related to insurance.