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The Benefits of 40-Year Term Life Insurance for Professionals

By Jennifer Loyall / September 29, 2021

In the Term Life Insurance game, there is a new player on the field: 40-Year Term Life Insurance. While two companies have led the way in offering this insurance, Banner Life and Protective Life, other carriers may soon be adding this type of insurance as well. 40-Year Term Life Insurance has some distinct benefits that…

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Vets taking care of animals in their practice

6 Vital Endorsements Veterinarians Need on their Property Insurance

By Jennifer Loyall / September 22, 2021

As a Veterinarian, you may understand the importance of protecting your biggest asset – yourself. You’ve gotten your disability insurance squared away, as well as your life and malpractice. But now that you’ve purchased your own practice, there is another insurance that you need: Business Property Insurance. And, as a veterinarian, you’ll need to think…

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Dentist and her family protected by life insurance

How Things Like Smoking, Drinking, and Vaping Affect Your Life Insurance

By Jennifer Loyall / September 17, 2021

Professionals in veterinary and orthodontic practices need life insurance to protect their families, or even their business. But, what about if you smoke, drink, or vape? You may be concerned that you won’t be able to find coverage, or that your rate will be too expensive. Maybe you’ve tried to find coverage on your own,…

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10 Myths About Life Insurance People Should Stop Believing

By Jennifer Loyall / September 9, 2021

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The High Cost of Education for Veterinarians

By Jennifer Loyall / September 3, 2021

For veterinarians, the fulfillment and personal satisfaction of veterinary science is often the number one motivator in pursuing the career. You get to be a superhero to animals every day, relieving their pain and suffering, making them well, and educating the people who care for them. No two days are alike, and the variety and…

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What’s A COMDEX Score And Why Do Financials Matter?

By Jennifer Loyall / August 30, 2021

When you are choosing insurance for your business needs, it’s important to be able to trust the carrier. Whether you are a veterinarian or an orthodontist, taking a look at the COMDEX Score of a company is usually a good indicator of whether you can trust them.  In this article you can learn all about…

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10 Student Loan Questions Recent Graduates & Aspiring Veterinarians Need Answered

By Jennifer Loyall / July 30, 2021

Starting your veterinary career can be expensive. From the insurance that you need, to deciding to purchase a practice out of veterinary school, the costs that go along with helping animals (and their humans) are high. One of the highest costs is the investment into your education. Most students in veterinary school are taking out…

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Veterinarians: Are You Protecting Your Client And Patient Data Well Enough?

By Jennifer Loyall / July 26, 2021

Eleanor had heard of data breaches, but she never thought it would happen to her business. She was a veterinary surgeon in a small rural veterinary practice. Small business data didn’t matter to big-time cybercriminals, right? Now her practice was facing up to $200,000 in ransomware cleanup. Eleanor had to shut her businesses’ doors for…

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Buying Your Dream Veterinarian Practice with Borrowed Money 

By Jennifer Loyall / July 15, 2021

You are ready to stop working at the corporate clinic and have been looking for the right private practice to purchase. You’ve received an unexpected call from a practice transition broker who told you about a new listing. You’ll need to move quickly because there is a lot of interest, and this is the perfect…

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