Looking For: Finance & Insurance Industry Copywriter

We are looking to connect with a content creator with experience in student loans. This is a part-time contract role.

Who We’re Looking For

  • A creator who loves to collaborate – Working with our leadership and creative team, you’ll help refine our message and ensure it is received well.
  • Someone experienced speaking to student loans – Experience writing on student loans is important, as this is a growing portion of our audience and want to serve them with crafted content that is relevant to them.
  • A pragmatic and optimistic thinker – We are here to make life easier for our clients, and part of how we do that is by providing content that is clear, actionable, and focused on helping people achieve the best outcome.

Working Together

We are looking to create industry-specific content that helps veterinarians, dentists, and orthodontists address important business needs, including concerns tied to practice loans, student loans, and business liability insurance.

What we’ll be working on together:

  • Blog posts – Focusing specifically on student loans.
  • Guides – Tailored to dentists, orthodontists, and veterinarians.
  • Social media assets – Including infographics.

Our team collaborates using Basecamp and Google Docs.

Interested in Working Together? Let’s Connect!

Please contact us and provide us a few examples from your portfolio.

Thank you!