On August 27, We’re Taking a Thousand Steps in the Fight Against Human Trafficking.
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Since 2019 we have raised more than $80,000 to end human trafficking. With your help, we want to build on that number and do even more.

Let’s Be the Generation that Ends Human Trafficking

In the summer of 2017, while hiking in Northern California, I came across two groups of 15 doing something incredible. They hiked in solidarity, driven in their pursuit of something larger than themselves.

They were on a mission to end human trafficking, and after learning their story and seeing their progress, I decided to join them.

We’re looking for people who want to take steps toward ending human trafficking; to journey with us to the top of Yosemite in a one-of-a-kind experience that will touch your soul and help change the lives of trafficking victims all over the world.

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Three Ways You Can Help

Your help and courageousness will make a tangible impact.


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Email us and learn more about us and our mission.

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Donate Or Fundraise

If you can’t make the hike, don’t worry – you can make a difference through donations and fundraising.Our industry experts walk you through our simple, seamless process. All in a single 15-minute phone call.


Join Us

Join us and connect with like-minded peers dedicated to making a difference.

We’ve Raised More Than $80,000 Since 2019 With the Help of People Like You

And we’re not stopping there! Check out some of the photos from last year’s hike – a small taste of what you’re in for in August!