Getting insurance for your clients’ practice loan should not be overwhelming.  


  • You have worked tirelessly to find the right buyer, a legacy practice, bring both parties together, agree upon a price, get a letter of intent signed, and now a bank has agreed to provide funding. But here is the catch, a long list of insurances that need to be completed before the practice can change hands. 
  • There has been more than one practice transition that has been held up due to delays in a single insurance policy. Today, this obstacle can be removed. 


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Satisfying your clients’ loan requirements made simple and easy.


One team for all your clients’ insurance needs for their practice loan. Simple. Fast. Better.


Disability insurance 


Life insurance 




Business personal property 

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General liability

Loyall Group’s Process


Insurance made simple and easy. Accelerated approvals in days vs. weeks and months.

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Designed for your clients’ specific practice & field. Fast, efficient, painless.


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Our industry experts walk you clients through our simple, seamless process. All in a single 15-minute phone call.


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Electronic Application

No more hurdles, hassles, or delays. Electronically sign, click submit, and your clients’ applications go straight to underwriting with the ideal carrier.


Working with dental transition brokers like you since 2004.


  1. Since we began serving dental transition brokers, it has given us insight into the opportunities and insurance concerns that matter most – as well as areas that many of your dental clients often neglect. 
  2. Our team of insurance brokers specialize in insurance for dentists and their practices to provide advice that you and your clients can count on. 
  3. From chaos to clarity on all matters related to insurance, let us free you from insurance so you can focus on what matters.


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