Getting insurance for your clients’ should not be overwhelming. 


  • A practice is an incredibly valuable asset, but it is the second most important asset in your clients’ portfolio. The first, is your clients’ themselves and their ability to practice their occupation. One unplanned event, where an injury is career ending, could wipe out years of accounting work.
  • As your clients’ most trusted advisor, a quick audit of their insurances, collaborating with an insurance professional, can save you, your clients, and those who depend on them, heartache, and unnecessary financial hardship.


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Insurance made simply and easy.

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No more hurdles, hassles, or delays. Electronically sign, click submit, and your clients’ applications go straight to underwriting with the ideal carrier.


Disability insurance made simple and easy.


Protect your clients’ greatest asset, themselves, and their ability to practice their occupation.


Policy language matters. A misplaced word here, or an ambiguous phrase there, could cost your clients millions in lost benefits. Make sure your clients’ disability policy has policy language that will cover their specific occupation.


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Life Insurance made simple and easy.


Don’t forget to protect the ones that are counting on your clients the most.


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Satisfying your clients’ loan requirements made simple and easy.


One team for all your clients’ insurance needs for their practice loan. Simple. Fast. Better.


Disability insurance 


Life insurance 




Business personal property 

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General liability

What should be reviewed? Insurance questions to ask your clients.


You can do more to protect your clients by gathering minimal information about their existing insurance coverages and having it reviewed by one of Loyall Group’s insurance experts.

Disability Insurance



Do you have a personal disability income insurance policy?



How much disability coverage do you have in relation to your current income?



Does your disability policy have policy language that protects your ability to earn an income in your own occupation?


What is needed?

  • A copy of your clients’ existing disability income policy, or the “declaration” pages that outline the details of the policy.



For practice owners, do you have a disability business overhead policy to cover the fixed expenses of the practice?


What is needed?

  • A copy of your clients’ existing disability business overhead policy, or the “declaration” pages that outline the details of the policy.

Life Insurance



Do you have any personal life insurance coverage?

  • If yes, is it a level-term life policy? How long is the policy level?



For practice owners, are there any existing bank loans with the practice?



When is the last time someone did a needs analysis on how much life insurance you should have?


What is needed?

  • A copy of your clients’ existing life policy, or the “declaration” pages that outline the details of the policy.

Business Insurance



paying the most competitive premiums, as premiums often change each year. Insurance companies are banking on you not reviewing them and paying the increase in premiums.


What is needed?

  • A copy of your clients’ existing business insurance certificate.

Working with accountants like you since 2004.


  1. Since we began serving accountants, it has given us insight into the opportunities and insurance concerns that matter most – as well as areas that many veterinarian, dentist, and healthcare practices often neglect. 
  2. Our team of insurance brokers specialize in insurance for veterinarian, dentists, and their practices to provide advice that you and your clients can count on. 
  3. From chaos to clarity on all matters related to insurance, let us free you from insurance so you can focus on what matters.


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